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SOLAR Thermal Systems    
  What is Solar Thermal Heating ?
Solar Thermal Heating is the uses of the sun's thermal properties to heat your hot water, it can provide up to 60% of your annual hot water needs reducing your energy bill.


Do we get enough sun in the UK ?
As you can see from the chart fig 1 of the UK solar coverage, over the year we can average around 60%






How does it work ?
Looking at fig 2 & 3, it works by solar collectors absorbing heat from the sun, this heat is them transported to the hot water cylinder via a liquid which is pumped through a second coil in the bottom of the cylinder, this heats the water in the cylinder.
If enough hot water has been generated when your usual source of hot water heating is timed to come on, it checks the cylinder temperature and realises it doesn't need to fire up.







Do you only install one make of system ?
The Viessmann system needs you to currently have a none combi boiler system,  but if you are seeking a system that would work with a combi boiler we can offer you the Alpha SolarSmart System fig 4


What do I need ?
South East to South West facing roof, ideally South see fig 5. The chart shows the roof orientation around the outside and the inner circles show the roof angle, the internal colours show the UK annual average irradiation and you will probably need to upgrade your hot water cylinder to a twin coil type.



What are my options ?
If your roof does not face directly south you are probably better off using the tube collectors as they can be twisted to face the ideal direction. But even if your south wall has no roof the tube can be mounted on vertical walls. Panels can be mounted to your roof either above the tiles or in roof (removal of tiles and fixing panels directly to the roof battens) see fig 6


fig 1 UK Solar Coverage

fig 2 Solar System

fig 3 How it works

fig 4 Solar with a combi Boiler Click for bigger image

fig 5 Roof Orientation & Angle

fig 6 Panels & Tubes

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